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forum interkultur is a project of the Institute for Social and Cultural Work Nuremberg (ISKA) and the media agency exmt in cooperation with the inter-cultural office of the city of Nuremberg.

Institute for Social and Cultural Work Nuremberg (ISKA)

The motto of the ISKA is to stimulate, take up and make public new developments in social, cultural and educational work. To achieve this, research, organizational development, planning, training, and practical projects are related to each other. The institute works without institutional subsidies, it is commissioned and project finance. In recent years, the ISKA has carried out various projects and assignments in the area of interculturality, eg: initiator of the project ‘Interkultur in Bayern’ with conference, CD-ROM and events (this project was commissioned by the German UNESCO Commission as an official contribution to the international cooperation) UN Year “Dialogue between Cultures” elected in 2001), exploratory study “Intercultural Cultural Work in Communities”

media agency exmt

Together with the ISKA, we have already realized several projects (eg Interkultur in Bayern, internet training). Culture, art, and social issues are our body and magenta topics; we combine content and media literacy into a single unit. We cooperate with regional artists or with other institutions such as IMEDANA – Institute for Media and Project Work ( www.imedana.de ). Although we are primarily responsible for the technical and graphical realization, we also bring in us and our experiences from the various fields and projects.

Inter-cultural office of the city of Nuremberg

The Inter-Kultur-Büro is a department of the Office for Culture and Leisure of the City of Nuremberg. Among other things, the broad range of tasks and offers of the highly specialized service and event organization include the networking and coordination of municipal integration offers and intercultural work (including the management of the administration’s “Integration Coordination Group”, leading the creation of the municipal integration program, “Migration and Age” project) , regular cultural events (“Südwind” concert series, “Literary Landscapes”, “The International Wednesday Film”, etc.), intercultural festivals (“Carnival of Cultures”, “Film Festival Turkey / Germany”), participation in large-scale projects, consulting,