School Activities That Can Improve Social Skills

The 2019 School Event emphasized that schools should improve not only a student’s academic learning but also social skills. These social skills include listening, being helpful, being responsible for chores, and taking turns. Teaching these to them is vital since it encompasses who they are at school and who they are as a person.

With this in mind, here are some school activities that will help students improve their social skills.

My Friend In The Middle

Have everyone sit in a circle and assign one student to position himself or herself in the middle. Then, encourage the child to show a talent that they’re proud of. Ask the other students to chant the name of the person in the middle to keep them going. This activity is an excellent way to build someone’s self-esteem by being the center of attention.

Staring Contest


Believe it or not, some adults still feel uncomfortable when talking to another person. They’re even too awkward to stare with the individual they’re talking to because they’re not used to it. Implementing a staring contest will train some kids to make eye contact when they’re talking. It will also make them more comfortable when they’re presenting in front of a large crowd.

Emotion Charades

Print or write down emotion words on several pieces of paper. Then, the students will take turns in picking one and acting out what’s written on it. You may even challenge them by implementing a rule wherein they are not allowed to draw their emotions using their faces. They are only authorized to act this out using body language or situations, leading to that emotion.


Emotions Charades is a good exercise so that they’ll be more sensitive with identifying and conveying emotions and expressions.

Topic Game

Start this by making the children sit in a circle and choosing the starting person. Playing this game allows everyone to say something related to the theme using the consecutive letters of the alphabet. For example, the category is fruit. The first person should state a fruit starting with letter A (Apple) then the next person should say something with the letter B (Banana), and so on.

This game promotes focus and listening.


Academics are essential, and books can teach these easily. What’s more important is for children to learn social cues so they’ll grow up as good people. 


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