Is It Time To Get A Divorce?



One of the challenges that every married couple must face is finding out that there is no more life to the marriage. Unfortunately, regardless of what you do or say, there will always come a time to the relationship with the relationship has died down, and you are already thinking of divorce. If you are feeling this way at the moment, do not worry because what you are going through is only normal. You are not the only individual who is thinking of filing a divorce against her spouse.

By the time most couples attend their first counseling session, they are far down the road toward irreconcilable differences. — LESLIE BECKER-PHELPS, PHD

In today’s article, we are going to give or provide you with a list of indications that will tell you whether or not it is time to get a divorce against your partner. Keep in mind that our goal is not to separate married couples. Instead, we are here to remind each one of you that sometimes, getting out of the marriage is all it takes to save yourself from humiliation and emotional suffering. Take note that there is no point in fighting for a marriage that has already died a long time ago. 

You Want Different Things

There is nothing more painful and sadder than finding out that you and your partner no longer want to build the same dreams. It can be highly frustrating to find out that he is not supporting you with what you want. Conversely, it is also annoying to discover that you are the one who is not interested in helping him achieve his goal. Once this happens, everything in the marriage may crumble down. When this happens, it is best to go on separate ways.

A relationship cannot survive if it is continuously riddled with contempt. Every effort should be made by both partners to make sure it does not become part of the conflict cycle. — Meredith Shirey, MS, LMFT



He Keeps On Cheating

Does your partner keep on showing his infidelity to you? Is he starting to make you feel that you are worthless as a wife? If you answered yes to all these questions, then it is time to rethink your marriage. Do not be afraid to move away because you deserve so much more. Keep in mind that you are a fantastic person who deserves nothing but the best in this world. If he keeps on cheating, then he has no right to be in your life at all. 


Abuse happens in the context of a world that says that it’s okay to hurt others when we are hurt.  Abusive partners behave abusively, to some extent, because they can. — Carrie Askin LCSW

He Abuses You Physically

If you are a battered wife, make sure to report your spouse to the local authorities. No one is supposed to treat you that way. No one is supposed to hurt you physically or emotionally. Keep in mind that the moment you allow your husband to keep on hurting you, he will no longer stop. As such, your life will become a living hell. At the same time, it can also be stressful for your kids. There is also a high possibility that they may become hurt because of the situation. Because of this, it is time to leave your partner behind and start a brand new life without him.

Divorcing your spouse is not an easy thing to do. It is only normal on your part to feel afraid of what might happen after the marriage. What is essential now is to think of yourself first. Prioritize your happiness first instead of suffering. 

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